There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins.

And the cardinal sin is dullness.

Frank Capra

Welcome To The Machine

My first feature-length documentary. Produced over 3 Years, from 2009 to 2013. Length: 100 min.

More than 10 festival-appearances worldwide, Cinema-Start in Austria and upcoming in Germany. DVD-Release in North America. Several TV Broadcastings. And still no ending!




You can stream or download it here:


This Stop-Motion flick was produced for the "#Klappeauf" Movement, a Appeal against incitement and desolidarization in Austria.

We, a group of filmmakers, today want to express our great concern about the state of our country, and call for common action.


Let’s resist!

Let’s rise up!|





Summary: Day in, day out we discuss how foreigners have to adapt in our beautiful country. But everything would be so easy! Filmmaker Andreas Steinkogler ends the tiresome headscarf debate with this cultural guide for all non-Austrians.


Idea, Editor, Directed by: Andreas Steinkogler

Director of Photography: Thomas Rossipaul

Assistent: Jura Nichols

Lady: Arian


Short-Documentary, 3.30 Length

I was happy to produce a episode about my Country for the international Ramadan Project, online in 6/2017:


Fighter: Tamirlan Dadaev

Director of Photography: Thomas Rossipaul

Idea, Editor, Directed by: Andreas Steinkogler

Sound Design: Leo Pfeffer

Score: Marcos H. Bolanos

Production Assistant: Nora Spiluttini, Leandra de Arnoldi

Thx to Marcus Bauer at City Thong Vienna, and Darko Banovic

Produced by: Danya Alhamrani, Dania Nassief

Already more than 10 Festivalscreenings



Shortfilm, 4.40 Length

Released early 2016.


Girl: Caroline Schuhmacher

Director of Photography: Alexander Boboschewski

First Assistant Camera: Alois Kozar Jun.

Second Assistant Camera: Thomas Rossipaul

Sound Design: Leo Pfeffer

Colour Grading: David Rabeder, Simon Rabeder

Production, Editing Assistant: Arian Jalaeefar

Radio host: Patrick Lamb

Idea, Script, Editing, Director: Andreas Steinkogler


A perfectly disturbed Child

Shortfilm, 8.30 Length

Released early 2016.


Psychologist: Stephan Sommeregger

Mummy: Barbara Lerch

Good child: Valerie Lerch

Bad child: Julius Fuchs

Family at the end: Jürgen Schobert, Veronika Schobert, Lilia-Eva Schobert, Lina-Julie Schobert, Ylvie-Stefanie Schobert, Lianne-Mavie Schobert

Script / Story: Stephanie Eder

Director of Photography: Patrick Zadrobilek, Thomas Rossipaul

Assistant Director / Editor: Alexandra Wedenig

Sound Mixer: Andre Koroschak

Sound Designer: Leo Pfeffer

Director / Editor: Andreas Steinkogler