There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness.

Frank Capra

Welcome To The Machine

My first feature-length documentary. Produced over 3 Years, from 2009 to 2013. Length: 100 min.

More than 10 filmfestival-appearances worldwide, Cinema-Start in Austria and upcoming in Germany. DVD-Release in North America. And still no ending!




You can stream or download it here:


Short-Documentary, 3.30 Length


I was happy to produce a episode of my Country for the international Ramadan Project, online in 6/2017:



Fighter: Tamirlan Dadaev

Director of Photography: Thomas Rossipaul

Editor: Andreas Steinkogler

Sound Design: Leo Pfeffer

Score: Marcos H. Bolanos

Production Assistant: Nora Spiluttini, Leandra de Arnoldi

Thx to Marcus Bauer at City Thong Vienna, and Darko Banovic

Produced by: Danya Alhamrani, Dania Nassief


Already more than 10 Festivalscreenings



Shortfilm, 4.40 Length

Released early 2016.


Girl: Caroline Schuhmacher

Director of Photography: Alexander Boboschewski

First Assistant Camera: Alois Kozar Jun.

Second Assistant Camera: Thomas Rossipaul

Sound Design: Leo Pfeffer

Colour Grading: David Rabeder, Simon Rabeder

Production, Editing Assistant: Arian Jalaeefar

Radio host: Patrick Lamb

Idea, Script, Editing, Director: Andreas Steinkogler


A perfectly disturbed Child

Shortfilm, 8.30 Length

Released early 2016.


Psychologist: Stephan Sommeregger

Mummy: Barbara Lerch

Good child: Valerie Lerch

Bad child: Julius Fuchs

Family at the end: Jürgen Schobert, Veronika Schobert, Lilia-Eva Schobert, Lina-Julie Schobert, Ylvie-Stefanie Schobert, Lianne-Mavie Schobert

Script / Story: Stephanie Eder

Director of Photography: Patrick Zadrobilek, Thomas Rossipaul

Assistant Director / Editor: Alexandra Wedenig

Sound Mixer: Andre Koroschak

Sound Designer: Leo Pfeffer

Director / Editor: Andreas Steinkogler





"Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can't create it if you don't have one."

Brad Bird

Showreel 2017

My Showreel from Animation Jobs of late 2016 and early 2017, divided into Company Advertising, Game Intros/Extros, Crowdfunding Teasers, Explainers and Music Stuff.


Just turn on the Volume and enjoy!

NoAgent - Explainer

 A Typical modern Explainer Video for a Rental Agency, based in London, England.


The Animations where a mix of own Animations and the usage of different After Effects Templates.

GiveGreenly - Crowdfunding Teaser

It was a privilege to realize a Crowdfunding Teaser for a new Smartphone App "GiveGreenly" early 2016.


AppFounder / Speaker: Bernhard Sengstschmidt

Camera: Thomas Rossipaul

Elija - Give me a Sign

This Song by Austrian Singer/Songwriter "Elija" was one of 5 entries for the Austrian national contribution to the Eurovision Songcontest 2013.


I was asked to produce a Kinetic-Video for the Media.

It was done quickly in 3 days, completely animated in After Effects.


"And once you remove the Artist of the Video, you can do whatever you want.

That´s when we started to have fun, when we realize there are no rules..."

Fatboy Slim

Pola-Riot ft. Beta Bow - Rubicon

A little bit of "Naked Gun" with "Robocop", as an 80s Kid this was pure fun to produce!

For the Electronic Duo "Pola-Riot" we produced a Hommage of the funny "Naked Gun" Intros in August 2014.


Credits goes to:

Camera, Production: Thomas Rossipaul

Additional Camera: Marko Horvat, Wolfgang Hackl  &  Patrick Zadrobilek

Zombie Make-Up: Valerie Rossacher

Hoda - Exhale

Produced in June 2014, i´ve done the editing and the digital compositing.


Concept and idea came from Vienna-based Iranian Singer/Songwriter Hoda Mohajerani, Camera was done by Susanne Quehenberger.


A lot of masking and overlay, lights and colours makes this video a special one.

AishaE - Starchild

Idea and Concept based on the Artist.


I´ve done the final Directing on set, the shooting and the Post-Production.

Shot with a Canon 5D in summer 2014.


Credits goes also to the Dancer: Futurlove Sibanda


"I think that music and visual arts can complement themselves nicely. They do different things - the music forces you into a different mood and perspective whilst the visual stuff can engage you in a more direct cognitive manner."

Aaron Koblin

Live Visuals for Killing Joke

In 2012, i had the honour to visualize a show of English post-punk band "Killing Joke". They searched for local vj artists in every city to give their show a special note, and they choose me for their show in Vienna.


They had no specifications on their set, which i think is pretty extraordinary.

I choose a more darker set, according to the music and style of the Band.

Sadly the Documentation is of pretty bad audio/video quality.

Sound:Frame Festival

Established in 2007, the Sound:frame festival deals with audiovisual forms of expression within the contexts of exhibitions and performances. Contributions to this exhibition come from the best Visual Artists in Europe and abroad.


This was my contribution in 2009, a kind of retrospective video.


Music comes from electronic network "Houztekk".


Visualizing LCD Soundsystem

at Urban Art Forms Festival

Recorded in Summer 2008 at the biggest electronic festival in Austria, i was happy to visualize a dj set from LCD Soundsystem.


The gig was awesome, but was recorded with some shitty Digicams, thats why the videoquality is kinda low.



“I love books because I don't have to wait for the commercials to be over to find out what happens.”

Dunetune - Official Teaser

I was happy to manage the Post-Production for this Teasermovie. DuneTune is a Vienna-based Drumshow with Gigs around the Globe.

Filmed in Dubai 2015, Austrian/United Arab Emirates Co-production


Director: Hassan Ali

Camera: Jan Xavier Pacle

Camera Assistent: Leoter Paul, Acar Vispo

Model: Bintalrafidain

Costume: Haitam Beatiful


Fa. Häusler - Leichtrein

A narrative Imagemovie for a Company named "Häusler", introducing a special technology for terrace boards.

I wrote the script, presented it to the company and we shot the movie in one day.

Produced in Spring 2013.


Credits goes to:

Camera: Philipp Steiner

Production:  Josip Jukic-Sunaric

Ton: R. Weber

Starring: Susi Ramberger, Stefan Rager


EPK - Sony Music

Electronic Press Kit for “Cornelia Mooswalder”,  the Winner of a Casting show in Austria, like Americans got Talent or similar.


A One-Man production, shot with a Sony-EX-1 and edited in one week.


Late Autumn 2011.


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