“And once you remove the Artist of the Video, you can do whatever you want. That´s when we started to have fun, when we realize there are no rules…”

Fatboy Slim


Back again, with a new music-video! Shot with 5 go-pros, one DLSR, probably 18 beers and a pack of cigs. Ingredients of a true filmmaker! Editing was fun though, as you can imagine. Hardcore never gets old!

Thx to the guys from Kickdown for the opportunity.

Hoda - Exhale

Released in June 2018, i´ve done the editing and the digital compositing.

Concept and idea came from Vienna-based Iranian Singer/Songwriter Hoda Mohajerani, Camera was done by Susanne Quehenberger.

A lot of masking and overlay, lights and colours makes this video a special one.

Pola-Riot ft. Beta Bow - Rubicon

A little bit of “Naked Gun” with “Robocop”, as an 80s Kid this was pure fun to produce!
For the Electronic Duo “Pola-Riot” we produced a Hommage of the funny “Naked Gun” Intros in August 2014.
Credits goes to:
Camera, Production: Thomas Rossipaul
Additional Camera: Marko Horvat, Wolfgang Hackl & Patrick Zadrobilek
Zombie Make-Up: Valerie Rossacher

DuneTune feat. DJ Schmolli

DuneTune is a brand-new, powerful, and professional live act combining rhythm, drums and percussion in a unique style.

I was happy to do the editing for this powerful Track, back in 2016.


AishaE - Starchild

Idea and Concept based on the Artist.

I´ve done the final Directing on set, the shooting and the Post-Production.
Shot with a Canon 5D in summer 2014.

Credits goes also to the Dancer: Futurlove Sibanda


“I think that music and visual arts can complement themselves nicely. They do different things – the music forces you into a different mood and perspective whilst the visual stuff can engage you in a more direct cognitive manner.”
Aaron Koblin

Live Visuals for Killing Joke

In 2012, i had the honour to visualize a show of English post-punk band “Killing Joke”. They searched for local vj artists in every city to give their show a special note, and they choose me for their show in Vienna.

They had no specifications on their set, which i think is pretty extraordinary.
I choose a more darker set, according to the music and style of the Band.
Sadly the Documentation is of pretty bad audio/video quality.

Sound:Frame Festival

Established in 2007, the Sound:frame festival deals with audiovisual forms of expression within the contexts of exhibitions and performances. Contributions to this exhibition come from the best Visual Artists in Europe and abroad.
This was my contribution in 2009, a kind of retrospective video.
Music comes from electronic network “Houztekk”.

Visualizing LCD Soundsystem at Urban Art Forms Festival

Recorded in Summer 2008 at the biggest electronic festival in Austria, i was happy to visualize a dj set from LCD Soundsystem.

The gig was awesome, but was recorded with some shitty Digicams, thats why the videoquality is kinda low.