“Animation is about creating the illusion of life. And you can’t create it if you don’t have one.”

Brad Bird

Where there's a will, there's a way

Because of #corona​, we’re so busy keeping ourselves healthy and (hopefully) not spreading the virus that we completely forget about the terrible situation of the #refugees​. Not only are they stranded and living in horrible conditions in the refugee camps, but they are also now addionally exposed to the virus! I cannot blame anyone for seeking shelter elsewhere or for seeking a better life for themselves and their families!

Bio Austria

Heres a new one, March 2021,
in collaboration with Concept & Design-Studio Büro Butter, Vienna.
Bio Austria is the association of Austrian organic farmers and thus the representative of organic agriculture in Austria.


In the final stages of the unforgettable year 2020, i was happy to produce a couple of 2.5D Videos for LGCY Network.
Heres an example.

Showreel 2020

My Animation- Showreel of Jobs done late 2016 and early 2020, divided into Company Advertising, Game Intros/Extros, Crowdfunding Teasers, Explainers and Music Stuff.

Just turn on the Volume and enjoy!

A Pledge against Ageism

Ageism against older people is stereotyping, discrimination and mistreatment based solely upon age. Ageism comes from negative attitudes and beliefs about what it means to be older.
I was invited to produce a spot about Ageism for the Australian campaign “Every Age Counts”.
Produced in September 2018

GiveGreenly - Crowdfunding Teaser

It was a privilege to realize a Crowdfunding Teaser for a new Smartphone App “GiveGreenly” early 2016.

AppFounder / Speaker: Bernhard Sengstschmidt
Camera: Thomas Rossipaul

NoAgent - Explainer

 A Typical modern Explainer Video for a Rental Agency, based in London, England.
The Animations where a mix of own Animations and the usage of different After Effects Templates.